Pan card verification by name

verify your pan card with name is a very easy process. you can easy to get pan card information with name. if you don’t have PAN No. of the relevant person, you can verify by his name also.

following details are required for verify pan by name

  1. *Date of Birth (DOB) – Required
  2. *Surname – Required
  3. first name – optional
  4. middle name – optional

Step 1 :

go to the pan verification page of incometaxindiaefilling

Step 2 :

  • Enter surname (Required)
  • Enter middle name, first name (This is optional field)
  • select Status : select individual
  • select gender : (male / female
  • date fo birth : (Enter your date of birth)

Step 3 :

Enter you mobile name for receiving OTP (One time password)

step 4 :

Enter otp which has been received in your mobile

Step 5 :

Submit the form and you will get the pan number details on your computer  / mobile screen.

Verify PAN Card details by using pan number

5 comments on “Pan card verification by name

  1. I lost my Pan Cord, I forgotten my Pan Number also, I applied for PAN Reprint Application, by mistake my agent made new Pan cord, NOW i HAVE NEW PAN CORD. I don’t have old Pan cord AND I don;t the Pan numbers also. I have new Pan cord. what can do? How can go about this Pl. give your valuable suggestion. Please.

    1. If you have new PAN card then don’t worry about old pan card. You can carry second original pan card.
      if you remember your old pan details then you can find your pan number (search pan by name) at

  2. my pancard has been damaged, so i need a second one in same account but a original one. What should i do??

    1. Dear pragyan apndit,

      If your pan card got damaged then you should apply for “PAN Reprint Application”. you will get same account/ same pan no (Original one).

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