is aadhar card a valid proof document for pan card application or not ?

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Many people have a question (aadhar card is valid for pan card or not ?) when they apply for pan card. So your kind information as per new rules for pan card, Aadhar card is a valid and partially acceptable document as address proof and proof of identity. But Aadhar card will not be a valid document/proof for Date Of Birth (DOB)  and proof of Date of Birth (DOB) for pan card application and thus, Aadhar card can not be used as single ID like Driving License and Passport (which can be used as single Id for address proof, proof of identity and for date of birth) but it can be used with any other Id for date of birth. In case, more than one Id is used for pancard application, name and father’s name of all such IDs should be 100% same and identical but without initials(Single alphabet) as first and last name/surname.

  • Can I use Aadhar card as ID proof for pan ? . Answer => Yes
  • Can I use Aadhar card as Address proof for pan ? Answer => Yes
  • Can I use Aadhar card as Date of Birth (DOB) proof for pan ? Answer => Yes.

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