Name change in pan card after divorce of woman

There are situations when a woman have to change her personal information in ID Cards, IDs and records. This happens when an individual decides to acquire a new name or a woman gets divorced.

A woman can change her name in pan card after divorced by filling the pan change/ correction application form.

If you need to change an information like name, dob or other info in your PAN card, here are some guidelines.

steps :

  1. Request pan change / correction application online through NSDL or UTI website. (
  2. Fill out the form and select the correction / change field which you want to make changes.
  3. Select ID , Address, and DOB (date of birth ) proof.
  4. Pay amount with net banking, credit card, ATM debit card etc.
  5. Paste photos and make signature on the hardcopy of form.
  6. Post that form to NSDL or UTI address along with ID , address, DOB proofs and existing pan card copy document.

A proof of identity or address – the documents recognized as proof of identity are (affidavit, Newspaper Publication and Gazette Notification regarding the change of your name), school diplomas or certificates, bank account statement, passport, voter identity card, driver’s license, credit card, marriage license or certificate, divorce papers (if divorced). Any of these documents can be submitted. In the case of a minor, the applicant can pass his/her parents’ documents or his/her Student Identity Card

change name in pan card after marriage of female

The name is a vital information of pan card. A girl or female name is change after getting marriage.

The pan name is easy to change through pan card correction/changes application.

Documents required for pan correction in name.

  1. Marriage Certificate issued by Registrar of Marriages
  2. Copy of Affidavit sworn before a magistrate stating the date of birth” as proof of date of birth.
  3. copy of pan card as proof of PAN allotted.

you can also use use this proofs for identity , address and date of birth for pan card changes

change pan card information

  • The PAN card contains some vital information like name, address, PAN number, date of birth and photograph. Your PAN number is unique. However, you may wish to apply for other changes.

  • If the name is changed due to marriage or any other reason, then you will have to apply for a change in name.

  • The address may change due to various reasons. You may have moved because of your job, family reasons or your health. When your permanent address changes, you need to apply for a change in the PAN card.

  • The PAN card is widely accepted as a valid photo identity in India. That is why it is vital to have all the changes updated in the PAN card.

What documents can be submitted as proof in support of changes sought?

Sr.No   Case / Applicant type Document Acceptable
1. Change in name: change of name on account of marriage Any one of
a) Marriage certificate
b) Marriage invitation card
c) Publication of name change in official gazette
d) Copy of passport showing husband’s name
2. Change in name: Individual applicants – change of name on account of reasons other than marriage. Publication of name change in official gazette
3. Change in father’s name Publication of name change in official gazette
4. Change in date of birth: Individuals Relevant proof of identity having correct date of birth.

Do correction from

how to change name in pan card

If the name have been wrongly printed on pan card and you want to correct/change that mistake then a pan card holder can correct that mistake through “Correction / Changes ” PAN Card application.

Pan card holder can apply the PAN Correction Application throught Online from NSDL or UTI  of Income Tax Department.

Before correction or changes in pan you must have the pan card number.

Online correction/change application from –

 Document Required for correction / changes in pan card.

  1. Two passport size photo
  2. ID proof, Address proof, DOB proof (Know Valid Proofs for pan)
  3. Photo-copy of existing pan card.

change birthdate in pan card

In case the date of birth has been wrongly printed on pan card. A pan card holder can change or correct the date of birth on pan card from PAN Card Correction/Reprint Application.

Pan card holder need to apply for correction application from NSDL or UTI. You can apply for correction through online application as well as offline. Offline applicant can apply for correction through TIN-FC office / pan card office.

In Hindi

अगर आपके PAN Card पे DOB या जन्म तारीख गलत है या फिर आप इसे change, correct करवाना चाहते है तो आप NSDL या UTI से online सर्विस से PAN card में correction या changes करवा सकते है .

how to change and update pan card address

If you have PAN card, check it, there is no any address present on pan card hard copy, there are only your name, your father’s name and date of birth available on PAN Card, PAN cards carry no address of the PAN card holder, so your PAN card is still valid without address. It can be used all over India without the need of address.

If pan card address is wrong and you want to change and correct the address then you have to apply for a change or correction application for PAN Correction. You can apply via online and acquire a PAN Change Request Form.

अगर आपके पास PAN Card मोजूद है तो आप देखेंगे की PAN Card के ऊपर किसी भी तरह का पता (Address) छपा हुआ नहीं होता है | PAN Card के ऊपर सिर्फ आपका नाम, पीता का नाम, और जन्म तारीख मौजूद होती है इसलिए PAN Card बिना address के correction के भी मान्य है |

फिर भी किन्ही कारणों की वजह से आप PAN Card के पते Address को बदलना चाहते है तो निचे बताई हुयी लिंक पे जाये |  यहाँ आपको एक PAN Card Correction का फॉर्म भरना है और उसका online भुगतान करना है |  ध्यान रहे की फॉर्म भरते समय आप किसी भी तरह की गलती नहीं करे नहीं तो आपका PAN Card  आप तक नहीं पहुच पायेगा | अत: आप  PAN Card भरने के instruction ध्यान से पड़ ले फिर फॉर्म भरे | धन्यवाद |

Link :

You need to attach address proof with the application. here the valid address proof list