Name change in pan card after divorce of woman

There are situations when a woman have to change her personal information in ID Cards, IDs and records. This happens when an individual decides to acquire a new name or a woman gets divorced.

A woman can change her name in pan card after divorced by filling the pan change/ correction application form.

If you need to change an information like name, dob or other info in your PAN card, here are some guidelines.

steps :

  1. Request pan change / correction application online through NSDL or UTI website. (
  2. Fill out the form and select the correction / change field which you want to make changes.
  3. Select ID , Address, and DOB (date of birth ) proof.
  4. Pay amount with net banking, credit card, ATM debit card etc.
  5. Paste photos and make signature on the hardcopy of form.
  6. Post that form to NSDL or UTI address along with ID , address, DOB proofs and existing pan card copy document.

A proof of identity or address – the documents recognized as proof of identity are (affidavit, Newspaper Publication and Gazette Notification regarding the change of your name), school diplomas or certificates, bank account statement, passport, voter identity card, driver’s license, credit card, marriage license or certificate, divorce papers (if divorced). Any of these documents can be submitted. In the case of a minor, the applicant can pass his/her parents’ documents or his/her Student Identity Card