PAN Data cannot be processed as PAN holder details provided by you ITD

Status – Your request for ‘New PAN card and/or Change/Correction in PAN Data’ cannot be processed as PAN holder details provided by you in the application do not match with PAN holder details in the Income Tax Department (ITD) database. A letter dated ……………. communicating the same is being / has been dispatched to you. For clarifications contact TIN Call Centre at 020 – 27218080.

  • This problem generally occurs in case of Reprint and Correction in Pancard and therefore, applicant should down load the letter by clicking on letter and this letter is also sent to applicant by e-mail as well as by post .
  • The return slip of this letter should be sent by registered post to ITD / NSDL, Pune at the address mentioned on the top of the letter.
  • If the applicant requires no correction and pancard is acceptable to him as per ITD database, he should just tick ‘Reprint – No Correction’, sign it and dispatch the return slip.
  • If the applicant requires correction which is not matching with ITD database, he should  tick relevant corrections, attach the copies of relevant Ids once more or repeatedly,  sign it and dispatch the ‘Return Slip’. Applicant should repeat this process until his application is cleared.

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