how to change name in pan card

If the name have been wrongly printed on pan card and you want to correct/change that mistake then a pan card holder can correct that mistake through “Correction / Changes ” PAN Card application.

Pan card holder can apply the PAN Correction Application throught Online from NSDL or UTI  of Income Tax Department.

Before correction or changes in pan you must have the pan card number.

Online correction/change application from –

 Document Required for correction / changes in pan card.

  1. Two passport size photo
  2. ID proof, Address proof, DOB proof (Know Valid Proofs for pan)
  3. Photo-copy of existing pan card.

change birthdate in pan card

In case the date of birth has been wrongly printed on pan card. A pan card holder can change or correct the date of birth on pan card from PAN Card Correction/Reprint Application.

Pan card holder need to apply for correction application from NSDL or UTI. You can apply for correction through online application as well as offline. Offline applicant can apply for correction through TIN-FC office / pan card office.

In Hindi

अगर आपके PAN Card पे DOB या जन्म तारीख गलत है या फिर आप इसे change, correct करवाना चाहते है तो आप NSDL या UTI से online सर्विस से PAN card में correction या changes करवा सकते है .

where to apply for pan card

There are many pan card online service providers available in India, but NSDL and UTI are the main PAN Card providers.NDSL and UTI also provide online pan card application service, but their customer support is not better as compared to private pan card application service.

NSDL and UTI pan card services are very hassle-full and bad customer support. The pan card application will reject anytime if the applicant makes a little mistake.

All other online pan card application providers (Online agent companies/ websites) have  franchise from NSDL and UTI for pan card processing, And they sent the application to NSDL or UTI after checking and correcting all the mistakes.

Private online pan card application providers (franchisee) are checks the details, do required corrections if you make any mistake and provides you a very good customer support then they sent the application to NSDL or UTI (Income tax department). So the application rejection chances are very low and applicant easily get the pan card.

Here the list of PAN Provides where Applicant can apply for the pan card.

  1. NSDL (Gov.)

  2. UTI (Gov.)


  4.  or (Rs. 10 discount)



Your PAN card has been dispatched

  • It is all right. Applicant should wait for delivery through post or courier but if applicant is out of station or there is some address problem or problem in acceptance of delivery, please be cautious and intimate in advance or contact to postal authorities or respective courier and manage the delivery through your family members and other well wishers.
  • Applicant can / should track his post online for which document No. is allotted by courier company / Indian Post.

under verification at Income-tax Department / NSDL

If this type of message appear when checking pan status then you need to follow followings steps.

  • It means, documents / Ids sent by the applicant are under examination . It may be routine verification / examination or there may serious issue like suspicious application, identical name, identical data and repeat (Second) new application for second PAN etc.
  • Therefore, applicant should wait for next process or should email to
  • Applicant may also contact respective TIN-FC or Service Provider for help and guidance.

In case of serious issues like suspicious application, identical name, identical data and repeat (Second) new application for second PAN etc, applicant should be cautious and he should not press / follow-up for pan card. And applicant should take guidance from respective TIN-FC or Service

PAN Data cannot be processed as PAN holder details provided by you ITD

Status – Your request for ‘New PAN card and/or Change/Correction in PAN Data’ cannot be processed as PAN holder details provided by you in the application do not match with PAN holder details in the Income Tax Department (ITD) database. A letter dated ……………. communicating the same is being / has been dispatched to you. For clarifications contact TIN Call Centre at 020 – 27218080.

  • This problem generally occurs in case of Reprint and Correction in Pancard and therefore, applicant should down load the letter by clicking on letter and this letter is also sent to applicant by e-mail as well as by post .
  • The return slip of this letter should be sent by registered post to ITD / NSDL, Pune at the address mentioned on the top of the letter.
  • If the applicant requires no correction and pancard is acceptable to him as per ITD database, he should just tick ‘Reprint – No Correction’, sign it and dispatch the return slip.
  • If the applicant requires correction which is not matching with ITD database, he should  tick relevant corrections, attach the copies of relevant Ids once more or repeatedly,  sign it and dispatch the ‘Return Slip’. Applicant should repeat this process until his application is cleared.